Why You Should Visit the Caribbean

The five thousand or so islands, reefs, and quays that make up the Caribbean can be the perfect beach-side getaway for any budget. From cost-effective tourist haunts to secluded islands, visiting the Caribbean means you’ll experience a little piece of paradise.

Our mates from Ipswich in Queensland visit regularly, and have been kind enough to share their tips with you.

Accommodation can often be the most expensive element of a trip to the Caribbean, but food and activities are actually quite reasonable! The best part is, you can tailor a trip to match your time-frame and spend limits quite easily.

Highlights and Must-dos
Anyone who has visited the Caribbean will tell you that jumping on a sailboat around the Virgin Islands is an absolute must. The waters are blue and calm, and it’s the best way to really soak in the natural splendour that makes this place so special.

Also, while it is a tourist hotspot, Havana (in Cuba) is not to be missed. It can get busy (and sometimes pricey), but it is more than worth it for the architecture, culture, and music.

What’s the Cost?
As mentioned earlier, accommodation can be the most expensive part of a trip to the Caribbean, as there is a lack of hostels and campgrounds that would usually knock the price down a little.

A standard, budget hotel room will cost around $80USD per night for two people. In some cases, Airbnb is a better option where you can get more space for a little less.

If you love your beans, rice, and vegetables (vegetarians and vegans, for example) you will absolutely love the food in the Caribbean. Restaurant meals can vary between $10-20 USD, but the local markets are much cheaper and just as good, if not better.

Taking the bus is the easiest and cheapest way to get around, (& saves you from hiring a vehicle)save for hitchhiking, which is generally pretty safe as the people are friendly and welcoming. And why wouldn’t they be, they live in the Caribbean!

What are you waiting for? Take a look at your budget and start planning your trip to the Caribbean now! You won’t regret it.